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Welcome to my webspace.

This is a fairly static set of pages. If you want to know what I'm up to, my blog over at has occasional musings and some description of events.

For news on The Book of PF, check the latest at the No Starch Press web site.

I'm fairly active in the Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group and over the years up to 2008 I spent considerable time working at Datadok. I spent a little more than five years working for EVRY before transferring to IBM in early 2017, and since September 2020, I'm employed by TietoEVRY.

I'm a long time member of Elektronisk forpost Norge (EFN - a sister organization of the US Electronic Frontier Foundation), and in March of 2004 I was elected to the board of NUUG, the Norwegian Unix User Group, USENIX affiliated). In March of 2006, I was made vice chairman of the board of NUUG (conveniently while I was away at UKUUG Spring 2006) and served until March 2009, rejoined the board as chairman in June 2020.

My resume (CV) is available here. Please read this first if you think I'm taking too long to respond to your email.

Spammers: I would love to see you put the addresses on this page at the top of the list for your next spam run. Worth reading if you think you have been spammed from here, too.

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